Monday, March 25, 2013

sell or move back in?

On top of all that other stress from the last few days, I have my living situation to deal with.  I am at that point where I need to decide if I want to move back into my apartment or sell it.  I really don't want to have to rent it again - I don't think I am the best landlord.  And apparently it isn't the best option for me, right now, as far as taxes/income/etc.

So what do I do?

The reason I left was so I can clear up my credit card debit, which I am happy to report I did.  But the single most annoying underlining factor why I hated it there was the noise.  There is no instillation and you can hear so much (up and down, not on the same floor).  I sleep so poorly that this was a really big issue for me.  I tried earplugs, I feel asleep with my finger in my ear and I went through such a horrible bout with insomnia for weeks when I barely slept and started going cookoo.  But I loved living alone, minus the loneliness sometimes.

All I can think of is to weigh the pros and cons of moving back in there:

Pro - live alone (no more listening to my father slurp everything he eats and my mother talking so loud into the phone); walk to train;

Con - won't sleep well; still a one bedroom; won't save extra money (opposed to living with family a little longer); will loose a lot of money from selling (lower price + realtor fees)

If I were to sell it, ideally I'd want to upgrade to a two bedroom minimum.  But realistically I can't afford that still....I won't get a raise until October - that is about 1 3/4 years since my last increase in salary because of the switching jobs.  And who knows how much that will even be, probably not enough to upgrade anything. I mean, over a 12 month span, a few thousand doesn't go far, especially with the costs of everything else rising (train, groceries, gas, food, etc).

Living alone in the greater NYC area is hard.  This is no quality of life.  I don't know why people live here when all we stress out about is money are are completely broke.


  1. That's a hard one. I don't have much advice for you. Saving money is good, but sanity is even better. I think you have to decide if you like noise of your parents more than the noise of your neighbors.

    Is that crazy chick still living above you? That would suck.

    Hmmm. Difficult. I'd hate to sell the apartment and lose a bunch of money after you made such progress! Good luck!!!

  2. You're really in a tough situation. What have you decided by now, Denise? Either way, I think you would have to do some updates and renos. If you intend to move back, good soundproofing would be pleasant, but if you would pursue with the sale, expansion would greatly help your apartment get exposure once you put it on the listings. Hope you'd make the right decision! :)