Sunday, March 3, 2013

A migraine ruins concert

I was super excited for a concert I bought tickets to a few months ago.

But, once the concert started I began to feel overheated...I started to sweat, I had to sit down, I fanned myself and finally had to order some water.

Am I just getting old?  Or was it the onset of some sort of illness?

I probably seemed like really lame company because I wasn't up dancing.  I was swaying a little in my seat with my eyes closed and I knew 96% of the songs so I was singing softly along.  But I didn't want to be there..The noise, the lights, the extremely hot temperature.  It was too much for me, I couldn't wait to get home.  But I wanted to be there so badly, I looked forward to it for months.  I was so disappointed in my body.

When I got home my head was pounding and I was so nauseous and I made myself fall right to sleep.  It was a migraine...bad timing!

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