Monday, September 8, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Days 9 - 11

I dropped my friend off at the airport.  It was so nice having her along for the ride, it really delayed my thoughts about me moving...until this point, it was a fun road trip...but I was only about half way done.

I headed up to Tall Grass Prairie Preserve in northern Oklahoma, it was out of my way, but I figured I should see this area as there are not many untouched tall grass areas left.  However, I got lost (my GPS and private dirt roads and not finding county roads don't get along).  I drove 40 minutes the wrong way, thought about skipping it...but what else did I have planned? So I turned around and stopped for directions and finally made it.  It was a very peaceful area, aside from the trucks traveling these dirt roads.

From here I went to Independence KS to see the Little House on the Prairie Museum.  For $3 you can't go wrong.  I walked around all of 15-20 minutes, read the signs, used the bathroom and headed out.

I arrived in Kansas City and spent the next 2 1/2 days hanging out with my friend and her family.  These days were much needed rest days. I didn't have to drive very much and it was nice just hanging out being 'normal' again for a few days...eating real food, sitting on a couch, going shopping and doing laundry.  

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