Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Day 8

Unfortunately after breakfast, the sky wasn't too happy.  It was going to rain.  But just because I was in a park doesn't mean I wasn't going to see some of why I selected Petit Jean State Park.  OK, so we only did one short hike, but it was nice, and we drove the loop road with the overlooks (not too exciting when it was foggy and rainy)...but we still got to see a cave, 'turtle' rocks and a waterfall overlook.  If there was more time, I would have loved to do the kayaking or some other activities.  If I was in Arkansas again, I would go back to this park, seemed nice enough.

By lunchtime we were done and headed over to Fort Smith National Historic Site.  We were in the process of a very thorough tour by a volunteer guide, and after being the the one room for about 30 minutes we had a massive storm come by.  The wind, lightening, heavy rain...the building lost electricity.  The volunteer continued to tell us stories but then we were sent to the lobby with everyone else who was there.  We waited about 45 minutes but when the electricity didn't come on we decided we'd just leave. So we didn't get to see the second and third floors even though they sounded really interesting...but coming from an area that lost power a bit growing up, it would have been hours for it to come back on...and there were places we still needed to go (or really I just needed to get us to the airport for my friend's departure the following morning).

Very close to Fort Smith was the Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma.  We made a stop there since it was so close...but it wasn't quite like I expected.  Although if I thought about should have been exactly what I expected....mounds of grass covered dirt.  They had an exhibit and a trial by the mounds with a reading guide.

Back in the car for a few more hours and the end of the day.

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