Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Day 3

Day 3 started with a quick stop at the Little Red School House in Indian Hill.  This was not originally on my planned route, but the next stop didn't open until 11 AM so it filled the time.  The neighborhood getting to this place was filled with beautiful houses.  The house itself is being renovated so we couldn't go in but is currently the historical society's office.

The Loveland Castle Museum/Chateau Laroche was built by Harry D. Andrews.  He spent 50+ years working on it until his death at age 92 (I think).  The inside was decorated in 'typical' castle appropriate furnishings with shining armor.  The castle wasn't huge, we were there probably an hour.  It got quite busy as we left with families with children running all over the place (although the castle isn't for running around in).  Very reasonable entrance fee, not a lot in terms of 'gift shop' items. I would have loved to get my nephew something - he is very into knights/castles/etc...but there was nothing.  I bought a postcard to send him, which he loved.
website:  http://www.lovelandcastle.com/

Shawnee Lookout.  I expected more.  There was an entrance fee I didn't know about, not that it was huge, $3 for the day. We proceed through the gate and drive.  The park was big and offered different areas of play areas, picnicking, trails, etc.  We drive to the end...and well, where was the lookout?  So we took a trail, it was an easy trail to the lookout and I was like....really?  This was a little out of the way and the view wasn't what I was expecting.  We get back in the car, start chatting about the next day....and change our itinerary as we decided if we are going to be in Kentucky we should see some horse racing...so we spend a good two hours in the Shawnee Lookout Park figuring out where we can go and how we can modify our plans (good thing for not getting a room in advance!).  Since it changed our course quite a bit, we were looking for something to do this evening.  My sister was doing research on the new route and told us of the a vineyard...and guess what, they just happen to have evening entertainment tonight....off we go.

Elk Creek Vineyards was the final stop this evening.  Wine tasting and live music...what could be better? My friend did the regular wine samples and I did the sweet wine samples.  I went different because I don't drink sweet...and there is a reason! They were sweet indeed.  My friend and I tasted each others so I got to try 12 wines.  After the wine tasting we ordered some dinner and a bottle that we both liked and listed to teh music.  Unfortunately it was a bit rainy, but that didn't stop us!  We headed down to to pavilion area and danced (swayed) the rest of the night.  The Headstones (band) was amazing, such great voices.
website:  http://www.elkcreekvineyards.com/

After the concert, about 11pm we drive back towards the highway to look for a hotel.  All the hotels were booked.  We drive to the next exit, same thing.  The next exit, still no luck.  We drive around until 2:00 am when we finally find a hotel.  Who would have thought it would be so hard?  But they had a massive horse show/race/kids thing/conference in the area and the whole area was sold out.

Day 3 - 201 miles

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