Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Day 4

Day four, we were off to an early start to drive a bit and make it to where we wanted to go by opening time.

Lincoln's Boyhood Home in Lincoln City, IN was the first stop for day 4.  We didn't spend much time here, but wandered through the exhibit area and reflected on the importance of Abraham Lincoln.

Ellis Park Race Track was our main attraction today.  This was my first time at a horse race and betting on a horse.  I won the first race, to bad I only bet the minimum, $3.  We stayed for all 9 races.  I won about 4 of them, but again, only betting the minimum.  I'd say the day at the races cost me about $14 plus lunch. Not bad!  The races were conducted on both dirt and turf.

Day 4:  374 miles

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