Tuesday, September 23, 2014

getting out there

Since I got to Colorado, I've spent so much time on the computer researching apartment complexes, looking for jobs, seeing the apartments.  There was so much to do in a short period of time...important things that would allow me to stay out here.  Things that will decide where I will live.

I've spent hours at the library researching and applying for select jobs (I should be applying for more, but right now it is to the few that really sound like what I want to do...and have the potential to pay me on my low-end minimum).  Once I get more desperate, I'll expand and apply for additional (temporary) jobs.

Flatirons at 11:00 PM....side streak is flashlights from hikers
I needed to start getting outside and meeting people.  I signed up for about 10 meetup groups and had my first outing to photograph the flatirons using the moonlight.  I never shot in manual mode, so I learned quite a bit not only of where controls were but also the techniques (which I still barely understand).  I look forward to doing this again, probably by myself to start to understand ISO, aperture and shutter times a little better.

I had a few cool pictures where the shutter speed was less and you were able to see the stars - which is neat too.

I hope that other meets will let me talk to people a little more.  This group was small and everyone was focused on the work - taking pictures - that there was some talk, but not enough for me to get friendly enough with anyone...yet.

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  1. What a beautiful picture! I have no idea how to use manual mode! I've pinned a whole bunch of tutorials though!