Friday, September 26, 2014

invitation to BBQ

Since I've been attending evening photography things, I needed a tripod.  I head over to a local chain and tell the guy I need a tripod, but I don't want to spend a lot of money (because I don't have a job) but want something decent.

He showed me a couple, but I wasn't loving them, even in the $80 range.  So I asked what he would recommend that was under $200, and he pointed me to this small, compact tripod with a ball head.  The legs spread out nicely and had more movement than the cheaper models.  I really liked this tripod but didn't love the price tag.  Since I needed it for an event tonight, I couldn't even go home and review the product and find it cheaper elsewhere.  I sucked it up and purchased it, knowing I would be using it quite a bit.

As the sales guy is ringing me up, he invited me to a BBQ at his place the following day (he learned I was new in town and that we lived just a few streets away).  I asked if other people would be there, he said his children. He talked about a few other things and said, 'so how about it?'.  I had no other plans so I said yes.  He wrote down his telephone number and address.  As I was leaving, he said "I can't believe I just asked a woman out".

Oh, was that what that was?  Crap.  He man was nice enough, but also appeared to be 55 - 60.  I know I am getting older, but I still struggle with dating a guy that is more than 45.  The whole car way home I kept thinking about if I should go or not.  What would I bring over?  If this was a date, I'd already be meeting his two teenage daughters.  That seemed too much for me.  Add in that I am from NY and am a bit skeptical of people and their interests...but, I moved out here, to meet friendlier people.  But I still couldn't shake that he knew that I didn't really know anyone and that he invited me to his house, alone.  Did I want to become a statistic and die a prisoner in his basement?  Ok, so the odds of that happening are really low.

I looked to see if his number was a house or cell, it was a cell.  So I blocked my number and called him, hoping he would not answer if he saw "private number" and the fact he was at work.  So I left a nice message saying that upon further thinking, I was not ready to go to a strange man's house but I really appreciate the neighborly gesture in the invitation and that I hoped he enjoyed his day off.

So, after 10 days here (or really in 4 years), I was finally hit on...but not quite what I was expecting.  I hope other guys here are secure enough to chat with me and I'll eventually start dating again.

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  1. I literally laughed out loud as you described your thought process in the car. I can totally hear you thinking that through lol. Miss you d!