Thursday, September 25, 2014

finding an address

Today, I realized I probably needed a temporary address.  As I am applying for jobs, many ask for an address. I don't want to put my NY address because then it won't seem like I am right here.  I don't want to use the temporary address I've been staying at for the last 2 weeks because that isn't right, it isn't mine.  My host suggested to get a PO Box, I have one at home and thought that would be good.

But it isn't good because to open a PO Box, the worker reminded me I needed to have a valid Colorado driver's license/ID...which I don't have because I don't have a home.  Too bad too because they were doing 3 month boxes for only $18! The worker suggested I try one of their competitors, like UPS store.

So I plug that into my GPS and go to the one a mile away.  I inquire about their policy for obtaining a mail box and indeed they were less stringent about my license, I just needed two forms of ID.  The thee month box however was $60 plus $20 set up fee.  $80 for a mailbox that won't get a lot of mail and is really just so I look local.  But that is a small fee for if I land a job!  The only problem with this is that I might not be staying where I am for 3 getting to it might be tough, but the guy said that they can always forward my mail.

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