Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Day 16

Enjoying my overpriced hotel room, I took advantage of getting a later start in the morning.  Scotts Bluff was not on my original itinerary, but as I came into the town the evening before, I saw there was a monument.  So I looked it up, thought it sounded good and headed over there.  Scotts Bluff National Monument has both a trail and a road up to the top.  I decided to walk/hike the 1.6 mile trail gaining 435 feet in elevation to the top and then take their car down (although that was before I realized it was a paved trail! but it saved me time).  After I got back to the visitor center, I quickly walked through the exhibit area and then left.

I decided to drive 40 miles out of my way north to see Carhenge.  It was a tough decision, I forgot that was on my list, and I probably should have done it the night before...if there was a road that would have taken me there without having to go through Scotts Bluff area.  But, it was early enough in the day and I didn't have much left of my trip.  I figured this part of Nebraska is not someplace I'd be going back to anytime soon, if at I might as well just check it out.  Carhenge replicates Stonehenge.  What I was a little surprised to see was all the graffiti on the cars....was that done intentionally or not?  Either way, most cars had it, so at least if it was unintentional, it tied it all together.

Back in the car, double backed the way I came, and eventually crossed the border for Colorado, which welcomed me with the most amazingly blue sky and puffy white clouds.

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