Monday, September 22, 2014

face to face almost

I've been having some phone conversations with my family, but I miss them. I want to see them.  I finally dug out my iPad and called my sister via FaceTime.  My nephew answered almost immediately (good thing kids are addicted to electronics) and I learned how to use FaceTime, this was the first time for me and it was fun.  The picture got blurry at times, but the camera on my end seemed to show every single bump, line, wrinkle and dark spot I had. I was shocked how horrible I looked...and wondered if that really is what I look like...the mirror, thankfully, tells a slightly different picture.  Anyway, we talk for about an hour, I gave them a tour of where I was staying and they gave me a tour of my niece's bedroom that they are redoing now that she is getting older.  It was so great that I still felt like part of the everyday action.

I will have to learn Skype for my other sister.

I think this will be a great tool to use where I feel like I am not going to miss out too much on some everyday things and will still be able to see the kids grow up.

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