Thursday, September 18, 2014

an imaginary friend, sort of

Towards the beginning of my trip, there was a ladybug in the car with me.  At that time, I was in the passenger seat and the ladybug was on the window.  I opened the window to let the bug out, but it stuck to the window.  I couldn't help thinking if it was ManFriend with me, giving me the courage to keep going.  After a few hours of hanging out on the slightly open window, the ladybug flew out of the car.

After my halfway point and it was just me in the car, it seemed like I always had a fly in the car with me for the rest of the trip.  The flies were annoying - was that ManFriend too?  ManFriend was annoying at times with our communication issues.  I talked to the flies telling them how much they were pissing me off and to stop biting me...but then I thought maybe it was ManFriend kissing me.  haha.  Jabbing at my skin reminding me they were there.

I know it is silly to talk to insects or to no one...but I get comfort talking to a person even if they aren't there to listen.  Almost like an imaginary friend - but based on a person I knew. It is like talking to myself, I realize that, but it is a little different.  

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