Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Big Move Road Trip - Day 14

After a restful sleep, I woke early so I can get to the Jewel Cave National Monument before it got too crowded.  I took a fascinating tour with a great tour guide.  They have lots of tours to pick from...but many tours are offered only a few times a day.  They sell you have to get there on the earlier side.

From Jewel Cave, I drove through Custer State Park.  The park was fantastic with great views...much better than taking the main road to Mt. Rushmore!  And if you are driving north, you'll go through a tunnel bridge and catch Mt. Rushmore from there. A pleasant surprise for me.  The scenic route had a series of tunnels and bridges.

Then you exit the park, drive a few miles, and BAM...the presidents are looking at you.  There is a nice pull off on both sides of the road where you can get a great shot of the faces.  While Mount Rushmore National Monument is free, you do have to pay to park, which was I think $10, but they said my pass was valid through the end of the calendar year.  

Of course as I get there, it starts to I walk the loop trail, take lots of pictures from lots of angles and then I leave.  I didn't stay around after it started to rain really hard.  But they do have fireworks at night, which would have been nice to see.

It was early, but I called it a night.  Being on the road so long has been tough, so I took a few hours to do some research, catch up on emails, eat dinner at a reasonable hour, etc.

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