Saturday, August 31, 2013

Team (FF) Denise

I know you've been worried about where I've been the last few days.  This week, while I didn't have plans that kept me out of the house after work, it was a busy week; I joined a fantasy football league - a first for me.

Our draft was scheduled for Friday evening, so I had about a week to do my research - even though I knew about it for a week or two before...I just kept forgetting and I didn't know when draft day was or when the football season even began.  Mountain Man even told me he'd be there if I had any questions.  I didn't want to take advantage, but more importantly, I wanted to impress him if I did well on my own!

So, I know the very basics of the concept of the game.  I credit my friend whose husband coaches college football and ManFriend because all we watched was sports and he'd explain a lot to me.  And I did research.  I spent hours reading and reading.  I thought I was pick #1 so I studied strategies and picking order for spot #1.  But then the day before I found out the pick order was changing and we wouldn't know until an hour before!

I log into my draft room two hours early to continue reading and to wait to find out what spot number I was going to be so I could spend the last hour reading strategies for whatever spot it was.  Seven minutes before draft time, my computer froze and was unresponsive to get it to restart. Panic set it in, I was so prepared and now it was all going to get messed up.  Sure, I had men in my queue, but not necessarily in the actual order I wanted them.  I had my own system.  I was booting up the iPad as backup, but I was lucky my league paused the draft for me to get the computer going!  Phew!

My league is family - with 6 adults and 4 kids.  The adults I think, it seemed all had the same strategies when it came to picking.  The kids were all over the place and really messed with my strategy!  The last few picks were completely random and I knew I'd have to get involved in trading or adding/dropping.

When the draft was over, I was relieved; it was a little stressful.

The next morning I went to chat with my brother-in-law and he gave me a two hour lesson on football and what all these positions actually DO, where they stand, what their job is.  I found out about adding/dropping players and the disadvantages for doing so.  I discovered that I am not playing against all my opponents every week...but playing against one team each week.

Hours later when I got home, I used the new knowledge and tools to drop 3 of my bench players.  So, let the games begin!

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