Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 2: Victor, Driggs, Mesa Falls, Rodeo

Day 2

My hotel room was right across from Idaho Falls, so my first stop was to cross the street and check it out.  I was surprised how small the falls were considering they named the town after it.  It was a wide falls and was pleasant enough.

I stopped at a Walmart to purchase some groceries and then I started my journey north.  I passed through Victor and Driggs - small mountain towns.  There was really not too much there so they were fast stops but I did have lunch somewhere.

However, on my way back I saw a billboard for the Grand Teton Brewery in Victor for tours so I stopped.  I was in between the tours so I just ordered a half flight.  At that point, I'd already tried several over the past week - so it was nice to try some new ones.  Unfortunately I hadn't eaten much that day and I was alone, so I didn't attempt to finish all my glasses as much as I would have wanted to.

Back to day 2 - From Driggs I headed up to Mesa Falls, which Mountain Man suggested.

Mesa Falls is two part, there is the 'lower' falls that has an overlook and then the 'upper' falls that had a bit of a walk around the area and a nature trail that was about a mile each direction.  At the end of the trail, I was a little disappointed - I hoped for a better view or at least a bench or area to sit at to enjoy the day.  Somewhere there is a path to the bottom...but I didn't find it.
After the falls, I was tired, but I kept driving up to my next accommodations, checked in, hung out and then headed to the West Yellowstone Rodeo.  I only stayed about an hour because of how tired I was...and it wasn't my first rodeo, so I didn't feel bad leaving early.

total steps: ~16,100

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