Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the one that got away

I remember a dinner about 9 years ago, actually, it was Thanksgiving, and I was with SI's family.  They chatted for a while about 'the ones that got away' and when they mentioned a person, almost everyone had really nice things to say about that particular person, and then they moved onto the next person's one that got away, and similar things were said.  Some of the stories they shared made me want to meet these people because they sounded great.

I was young but I was left with the impression that people really do impact each others lives, and most of the time you have no idea.  I think about this once in a while..not so much as my one that got away, because I never got rid of someone I loved, but more of I wonder if I was ever anyone else's one that got away.

Does some guy out there think of me often and wonder what their life would have been like with me in it?  Does some guy look back and realize that they didn't appreciate me at the time but now regrets that?  Was I the one that got away?  Do people sit around the table and say "oh, remember Denise?  She was so sweet, I really messed that up, etc".

I know for the most part, I leave a good impression on people.  When the social media became big - a few high school people found me and told me they thought of me often over the years and remember me being such a wonderful person with a big heart.  It was wonderful to hear things like that 10 years later from people you least expected it from.

Is it wrong for me to want to be thought about or talked about on occasion?  Has any of my men told their wives/girlfriends about me when they are talking about their pasts, getting to know each other?  Even if I am not there for the conversation, it is still a nice feeling to have people talk about me in a kind way.  I want to be remembered as a sweet, kind, caring lady instead of some bitch.

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