Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'll get right to the juicy part of my trip.

I met up with the gentleman from Idaho, we had a very nice dinner, drinks and then more drinks on his patio. It was so comfortable; the 8 hours flew by and I would have stayed longer but I was up for 23 hours and was passing out, I headed back to the hotel.

I thought about him all week...hoping I'd see him again when I stopped back through town.  Wondering if anything would happen.  I thought about the 100 attributes in my future husband, and while I don't know about all 100, he had many qualities on my list.  He is good looking but not super handsome; he is on the shorter side, is very thin/skinny and also speaks with a little impairment at times, is a Gemini, and has a name I had hoped to avoid...but those aren't on my list.  Everything else about him I really liked.  Figures.

Upon my return he invited me to hang out at his place.  We installed bathroom towel bars and a cabinet, went to the hardware store a few times, watered his grass, did his laundry...all those household chores.  I caught a glimpse of his everyday life and I was shocked how mature he was and being the same age as ManFriend how totally different his life is.  Over dinner we chatted about everything - goals, fears, travels and a little about past relationships.

We went back to his place and finally kissed and ended up in bed.  He was so tender and experienced.  It was really enjoyable and varied.  And then we did it again.  He played with my hair.  I ended up staying there, and he made sure that at all points of the night some part of his body touched mine; whether it was a finger, a hand, our feet or his arm on my body.  I was not used to that.  I don't sleep around and I don't do casual sex...and I didn't know if this was normal.  Does he do this all the time?  In the morning we did it again...he cooked me breakfast, then got right back to his household chores, even took out a stain in my shirt and before I left we had a quickie.  He drove me from the rental car place to the airport.  He opened doors and held my hand and made me feel special.  I didn't want to leave.

I spent 8 + 23 hours with him...and if he lived close, I would totally want to date him.  But he lives so far away...and he just started dating someone (I think only 3 dates or so) so it kinda sucks.  I am not sure if we had a real connection or if he is just smooth, but I left smiling and when he texted me to make sure I made it home safe, I smiled even more.

I'll see him again in November...but by then he might be in a relationship.

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