Monday, April 1, 2013

100 attributes in my future husband

The tea leaf/card reader suggested I write a list of 100 attributes I want in a husband.  I laughed and said 100 is a lot, I am trying not to have a check off list of things I want in someone, thinking it would open the door to more possible men. I am supposed to put this list near the St. Ann statue along with a white candle and say the novena - but only after ManFriend is out of the picture 

Here are attributes that are important to me, in no particular order whatsoever...
  1. not cocky/conceited/know it all
  2. hard worker
  3. at least a little handy (basics)
  4. able to talk about feelings/problems
  5. want to talk things through instead of ignoring or giving up
  6. OK with some public displays of affection like holding hands or small kisses
  7. respects everyone as well as my own personal choices/opinions
  8. sincerely cares about me and my well being and makes me believe it
  9. happy, positive, optimistic person
  10. has dreams, goals and aspirations and tries to do them
  11. makes me smile
  12. fun to be with 
  13. non-smoker
  14. non-drug user
  15. someone my family likes
  16. likes my family
  17. is OK with doing things with my family and his family if he has one
  18. has a sense of adventure - nothing too crazy, but a smidgen more than me
  19. wants & enjoys doing things together - including out of the house
  20. is OK staying in, finding a show/movie to watch together
  21. can cook at least a few things, not completely helpless
  22. likes to have people over on occasion and cook/entertain them
  23. can talk to others better than my ability to do so
  24. can be serious when need to be, but not 100% of the time
  25. makes me laugh
  26. OK with walking hikes, beach, trying new things
  27. enjoys to travel
  28. enjoys site seeing, not just a beach bum
  29. open to compromise
  30. not a slob
  31. dresses well - not sloppy and dirty, but not into designers and the latest look
  32. does not take more time to get ready than me
  33. enjoys his work
  34. doesn't constantly complain
  35. has/can handle a work-life balance
  36. doesn't talk down to me or talk to me like a child
  37. is thankful for even the small things I do for him
  38. is kind to old and disabled persons
  39. has both some common sense and some book smarts
  40. has been in a 'real' relationship before and understands the basic relationship practices
  41. gives me flowers, a card or something homemade or simple for no reason
  42. thinks of me throughout the day
  43. misses me when we are not together
  44. is attractive, in my eyes
  45. is attracted to me
  46. is a fantastic kisser
  47. a great lover.  varies with sweet/romantic, quick/urgency and everything in between
  48. has sexual stamina
  49. knows how to 'push my buttons' sexually
  50. has similar morals/values as me
  51. has similar ideas on how to raise children
  52. is/will be financially secure and able to manage money 
  53. adores/cherishes me
  54. has a few close friends
  55. not a criminal
  56. balances me.  Things I am helpless with he can help and things he is helpless with I can help
  57. lets me take care of him when he is sick
  58. takes care of me when I am sick
  59. can be spontaneous, but can also plan in advance
  60. takes the initiative to do/plan something for us
  61. is a good driver
  62. doesn't slurp all his food/drinks
  63. doesn't keep his phone on speaker all the time
  64. doesn't require a lot of coffee/caffeine to function 
  65. sports doesn't rule his life/schedule
  66. does not snore/gasp for air
  67. is in good health
  68. is helpful around the house
  69. is a little romantic
  70. does things he says
  71. is faithful
  72. surprises me, on occasion
  73. lets me fall asleep with my leg or arm on him
  74. enjoys sex in the morning
  75. if we have children, remember to make time for us....dates, sex, talking
  76. if we have children, a good, helpful, loving father
  77. honest
  78. is able to protect me physically if I was in danger
  79. passionate
  80. respects me and my time
  81. mature
  82. thoughtful
  83. dependable/reliable
  84. understanding
  85. responsible
  86. doesn't have excessive back hair and the rest of his body hair is low to normal...not like an ape
  87. nice teeth, and must have all of them
  88. must be able to kill bugs
  89. not emotionally, verbally, or physically abusive
  90. doesn't need constant reminding
  91. doesn't keep me waiting by the phone or worrying
  92. emotionally supportive
  93. our love seems effortless because we are on the same wavelength
  94. we can talk about anything and everything
  95. he doesn't make me cry
  96. I don't doubt why or if I love him and/or if I want to be with him
  97. is a 'gentleman'
  98. does not waste time playing video games
  99. I am 100% comfortable around him
  100. loves me (and I love him)

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  1. I wrote a list like this once. I think its good to just "put it out there", not use it as a check list.
    Once you know what you REALLY want, not what you are "supposed to want" it makes it easier to find it. (i think, hehee)