Monday, April 15, 2013

Wanted: my next healthy obsession

After the breakup with SI, I submerged myself in knitting and reading. I needed to escape my life, knitting was amazing therapy because of the concentration it took allowing me to not think of him.  And reading stories became my biggest obsession.   That first year I read a lot of chick-lit, hoping one day I'd have a happy ending after such a horrible twist of fate.  But chick-lit started to become boring and the stories were mild compared to what I went through so I expanded my reading to anything that caught my eye.

I still read a lot, so I am wondering what my obsession will be after ManFriend leaves next weekend.  I'd love to see me submerged in exercise, but that doesn't seem like me.  However, I will need something to keep me busy and take up that void that was once occupied by ManFriend.

I know recently our time together had dwindled, and in a way I am happy for that because I hope it helped prepare me for next week. Even though our time together slowed down, I was still obsessed with checking my phone hoping he'd message me, all that waiting, all that time that now needs to turn into something else.

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