Sunday, April 28, 2013

Not adjusting

Another really hard day. I spent hours shopping for the empty apartment, painting and crying. I ran errands 3 times to the same 2 shopping centers. ManFriend came to get the last of his stuff and was gone moments later. I am glad I didn't count on him to help me clean.  It was wierd; and he asked what was wrong, and I wasn't 100% comfortable telling him or I was too worried i'd cry, and no man likes that. We made plans to have dinner.

A few hours later he called to complain that he cut his hand bad on glass and spent the afternoon in the hospital.

I get that he had a busy few days, but I guess I hoped he would have been more supportive and loving knowing this was huge for me too, maybe more so.

So I won't see him til next Saturday.

I thought I talked myself into expecting this, but I am disappointed in myself with how much I've cried and how upset I am....and we haven't even broken up.  What does that tell me for how I'll react next month...after 'I tried' to make this move work.


  1. First of all, men are very egocentric. Its hard for them to have a lot of empathy when they're in the middle of something themselves. Leave it to women to be able to multi-task to the millionth degree. A blessing AND a curse. As we both know ;)

    I think the next few months will really reveal how he feels about you. It may be that he really steps up and try to see you and make things "work." Or it could be an "out of sight out of mind" type of experience. I hope it works out for you, the way you want. Stay optimistic, and more importantly, stay BUSY.

    1. Thanks...I mean, these are all things I know...but don't want to believe. I know it isn't supposed to be this hard, which is why I know it won't last. Staying busy...yeah, I need to work on that. Thanks!