Monday, August 12, 2013

attributes of people of my past

Last month after I wrote down my needs/want of people, my life coach asked me what kind of people I was attracted to, maybe there is a theme.  I figured the only way to really figure this out was to make attribute lists of some important people in my life (at the time I knew them).

Cop#1 - sexy voice, very good looking, nice build, knew a lot about the city, introduced me to some new things, close with family, position of power, brave, cheater, liar, gave lots of compliments, goofy time together, laid back, handy, manly, a little shy (when we met, but not so much as an adult), small group of close friends, puts me on a podium, great lover

SI - thoughtful, a little romantic, very generous, made me feel special, easy to talk to, liar, cheater, manipulative, selfish, arrogant, emotionally abusive, broken promises, not a sports addict, occasional smoker, a little geekish in a cute way, smart, introduced me to new things, always helpful, not handy, conversationalist, a smiggen metrosexual (appreciate that more now than 10 years ago), larger family

ManFriend - older, teenage humor, selfish, con artist, veneer teeth, boring, unadventurous, sports addict, into cars, into music, loner, close with family, extremely not handy, ungrateful, unthoughtful, drank a lot, barely able to cook, typical bachelor, way too much hair product, a little ghetto/sleezy, broken promises, arrogant, frugal, small family, does things to get ahead regardless of consequences, was a male slut in his younger days (maybe currently too), great kisser

Parents - nurturing, caring, helpful, kind, considerate, generous, wishful, talkative, supportive, loving

Siblings - indecisive, caring, helpful, talkative, loving, friends

Friend S - feel comfortable around, sweet, thoughtful, kind, easy to talk to, similar interests, similar values, trustworthy, laid back, feels like a sister, fantastic memory, loves to travel

Friend K - helpful, kind, similar personality, similar problems, easy to relate to, trustworthy

Friend - Family D - kind, sweet, generous, easy to talk to, fun, social, big family, like family, loving, caring, easy going, trustworthy

Ex-Friend P  - go-getter, decisive, helpful, strategic, exercise fanatic, outgoing
why we aren't friends anymore: I was too depressed, I brought her down and we were at different points in our lives and didn't understand the other person's problems.  When we attempted friendship again, it was awkward and we were different, and didn't fit into each others lives anymore.

Ex-Friend T - social, outgoing, center of attention, party girl
why we aren't friends anymore:  didn't support me emotionally in my time of need

Ex-Friend A - single, hard worker, trendy, crafty
why we aren't friends anymore: not really sure

Ex-Friend J - sweet, different work ethic, not a go-getter, ungrateful, immature, slut
why we aren't friends anymore:  didn't value my time

Ex-Friend M - wild, party girl, adventurous, took risks, fun, outgoing, promiscuous, cancelled plans for horrible reasons, cheated on husband
why were aren't friends anymore:  didn't value my time
but she was very important to me because of her, I met some of my friends I have now...and for that I am so grateful.

Ex-Friend K - nice family, good values, fun, nice, easy going
why we aren't friends anymore: drifted apart after high school

So, there are some similarities.
  • I find friends that have similar values as me, and when I realize they don't, they aren't my friend much longer
  • people that are too high maintenance or need a lot of attention - they don't fit into my life
  • the men I've dated have all been dishonest - a trend I know about and will prevent again!
  • I don't have friends or male friends that are ultra good looking, conceited, are too loud and obnoxious or were only children
  • I like people that value family, honesty and hold promises
  • I tend to be friends with people with problems...then I try to fix them, and then they don't need me anymore
  • I've introduced several people who became great friends with each other and forgot all about me

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