Friday, October 31, 2014

roommate possibility

I have this friend out here that I knew in middle/high school.  I think we were more of acquaintances with a mutual good friend, but we never hung out alone and only sometimes in groups.  Seventeen years have passed since we last saw each other, but in May she agreed to get together and talk to me about Colorado.  After I moved here we hung out a little bit and it was 'safe' - I didn't know know her, but I knew her.  We shared the common element of growing up in the same area and since I knew her at one time and she wasn't crazy then, I didn't think she would be now.  And I was right, and our friendship accelerated in the short time I've been here.

She knows all about my crazy living situations and wanting to find a place to settle into for a while (to establish residency).  About a month ago she tells me she applied for and was accepted into a college program and she recently reviewed her finances and thought it would be best to give up her apartment and live with someone to save money.  

We started to discuss the possibility of being roommates.  I am not sure if I ever told you about the time I had a female roommate in college - it was a nightmare and I vowed to myself I would never live with another woman.  But, the last three months I've rented a room in a house, which is like having a roommate and it was hard and scary at the beginning and I didn't start to be comfortable with it for at least a month or 8 weeks.  So, I think I can live with someone.  And if it means I can save a few hundred dollars a month for a while....especially because I eventually want to live near a job - a 6 month to a year lease might work well.  It is sort of temporary but it is enough time to figure out my next step.

The option of renting a room in someone else's place or even getting my own place is still a possibility, I hope that the month of November will have answers.

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