Sunday, November 2, 2014

job, oh job, where are you?

It is really hard to want to research and apply for jobs when you are sad or don't feel well.  It takes a bit of time to not only look for jobs and then look at the company websites when you find a posting you like, but then to write a good cover letter takes time, even if you have a template.

I've applied to a good number of jobs, not as many as I could have, but ones I would actually want to work at.  Now that I've been here three months and those jobs aren't calling, I have to start a new round of applying at different places.  I start the day optimistic that I'll apply to at least three jobs.  But many times I don't apply to any.  Choosing between several equally not-so-good jobs is hard, and I end up with many tabs open and hours of frustration.  It becomes this downward spiral of stress, frustration and sadness.

Sure most of my current stress about money would be solved if I was hired.  Then I could be happy.  But getting there is really hard.  I am losing faith.

I am educated and have years of experience, I really didn't think I would have this much trouble finding a job.  I started to wonder, was I overpaid at my last job?  I thought I was underpaid.  hmm.  I started to wonder if my qualifications even mean anything...can anyone do what I do...yeah, I guess so.  So where does that leave me? Why would they want to hire me over other people?  This is something I need to figure out and address in my cover letter.

Sadly, because I have a graduate degree, I cannot accept a $15/hour position because I have mounds of student loans still....and should someone with a graduate degree work for $15 and hour anyway? That is why I spent thousand of dollars, so I wouldn't have to, so I can work for a more acceptable salary to meet my personal needs.

Job, oh Job, where are you??

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