Saturday, November 15, 2014

Interview #2 since I've been here

Three Fridays ago I applied for an Executive Assistant at a company a bit north of where I am.  I wasn't sure if I'd really want to be an Executive Assistant, but the salary range thy had listed was good and well, quite frankly, it was a job I could do, and I could do it well.  Within three hours, I got a call back from the recruiter...a good sign.  We set up an interview for the upcoming Monday.

I looked nice, I did research on the company, I had my questions set, I practiced answers to common questions, I was ready.  Since I was not familiar with the area, I went up two hours early so I could drive around neighborhoods and see what the area was like, research just in case I ever end up in that area.  It was a cute town.  It felt more like a town than Suburbia.  It was more quaint.  I was pleasantly surprised.

At the designated time, I go into the office and wait for the recruiter.  She comes along and brings me to a large conference room.  We sit and chat.  She tells me that she normally does not do the recruiting for this particular position and was not familiar with the position at all, but after we chat, she would bring in the HR guy.  Great.

So she tells me basically what is in the job description.  Yes, I know how to do that kind of work.  She is more pleased that I am from NY, because the executive wanted someone with a NY attitude. This is going well.   I ask a few very basic questions, knowing that I'd ask the HR guy the better ones, as he knows the position and company better.  As a recruiter, she is not employed by the company, and only has been representing them for a few months.

She gives me a tour of the facility.  I ask questions about production, sales, etc along the way.  Her answers are vague, she really doesn't know very much.

We end up in the HR offices and checks the door of the HR guy; his door is closed.  She asks a lady who I think manages his calendar about his availability, and he is in meetings for awhile.

Well, that is bad.  Why didn't she check his availability BEFORE scheduling my interview?  So she tells me to leave and that if I was interested, she would pass along my information to this guy.  I said yes, I would be interested and left.  That evening, I sent her an email thanking her for her time, and reiterating my interest in meeting with Mr. HR Guy.

I never heard back.  Nothing.

I was extremely frustrated with the experience, but, it was great experience reviewing my interview questions/answers.  Hoping more interviews will come about, it is good to go over those note cards so there is not so much to do in a short period of time when you get that call.

So, in three months, I had 2 interviews.  Let's hope for more!

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