Wednesday, November 19, 2014

six month lease

I, or rather, friend and I decided to rent the place I am currently house sitting in.  They will do a 6 month lease and are sympathetic to understanding my nonemployment.

While the rent isn't bad...I am very concerned about the utilities. I hope they will not be as much as I fear.  Water is more pricey in Colorado than NY.  The electricity will be quite a bit...and garbage is not included as a town service so that is extra, and of course internet.  

What will be nice is that the small house has a two car garage, so for the winter months especially, this is great.  It also has a washer/dryer in the house (many places have hookups), and two bathrooms so we each get our own bathroom which is quite fabulous.  Add it the extra 3rd bedroom, which is small...but will be helpful for all our stuff.

Now that I have a place I'll be for 6 months, I can work on finding a part-time job that is close by in addition to a full-time position (that can be anywhere provided the salary is good).

With this lease, I can also get a PO box and transfer to license and apply for health insurance since I'll be a resident and get a library card.  These things have been on the top of my list...but because I was sort of homeless, I couldn't proceed.

Hopefully this is what was needed to make other things work out.

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