Thursday, November 13, 2014

what to do, what to do?

Granted I have a lot of free time on my hands, but having all this free time and having no TV and internet in spotty locations in the house only on the iPad has made for challenging things to do.  I love doing puzzles, but I don’t have a table and there is only so much sitting on the floor I can do before my back hurts too much so that isn’t really an option.  Of course I am reading, but I can only read for so long so many days in a row.  I can sort of look for jobs and websites, but I need the computer to actually apply (my comfort level with technology).  And of course there is NetFlix and watching previously aired TV shows through the network.  With daylight savings, it gets dark around 5 now, so occupying myself for at least 4 hours with this and one dim bedroom light and a hallway light is very limiting. 

The obvious thing to do, especially when the fridge is broken, would be to go out to eat and sit at the bar and take my time and watch their TV.  But…that cost more money, and I can’t afford to eat out ‘big’ meals so often.  Also, driving around in the dark isn’t as fun because you can’t see much.

There is a cheap movie theater pretty close to me ($2.50 for movies that were out months ago), maybe I’ll start seeing an evening movie one night a week, just to get out of here.  I am worried that living like this, even for 4 weeks will result in a pretty big depression.

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