Saturday, October 4, 2014

little bumps along the job way

I was corresponding with my previous boss and he said they take recidivists.  I smiled, that is so sweet, a compliment.  But as horribly frustrating this job search is, I am not ready to call it quits yet.  I still have to give it a go for a few more months.

But the job searching is taking a lot out of me.

I knew when I moved from the NYC area, more than likely I would have to take a pay cut, but I was not prepared with how little so many jobs pay.  It is not enough to live on...and if you have debt, like school loans, car payments and want to eat...there is no way you can survive on some of these salaries.

Today I had a phone interview, it was my first one ever.  The email said to plan for 10-15 minutes but it was 30 minutes.  Just like 2.5 years ago, I made flashcards with possible interview questions, I researched questions, I researched responses.  The phone interview went pretty well.  At the very end she said she wanted to be upfront about the salary, and I nearly fell off my chair. It was about the same as working a PT retail job...but with much more responsibilities, stress and well, hopefully benefits.  I really thought this job was up my alley, it was for an association whose mission I like, in a town I had hoped to live, and the work would have been great.  But I am not independently wealthy and I don't have a husband who makes so much money that my job could be 'fun'.  Tomorrow I will have to send a thank you email to her and regretfully pull myself out of the running.

Sadly, it took 4 weeks to get that interview.  I've heard from several companies with the standard "we selected someone more qualified for this position" and many I haven't heard from....and if you don't hear from them within a week, it is a good sign you probably won't be invited in for an interview....unless their top contenders all turned them down.

I've been debating if I should get a part time job while I am waiting.  It would get me out of the house and it would help not run my savings dry.  But, ah, retail?  I don't know.

I questioned myself a few times if I made the right choice to come out here...and today was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right.  But, it is still 'early' in the search, this journey wasn't supposed to be easy.  I've learned even more about myself and after an evening of reflection, I do still think this is where I am supposed to be.  Things will fall into place when they are meant to.  Until then...I have to remember that there will be bad day and good days, days of disappointing news and days when I get excited.  But what has been wonderful is the two gals I know out here have been so sweet, supportive, encouraging and helpful.

More job searching tomorrow.

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