Thursday, October 9, 2014

another date

It was a busy 4 days - 3 dates with two different guys.  I told you about the first guy, the second I met a month earlier at a wine tasting event.  We chatted most of the time then and he said he wanted to see me again, so I gave him my number.  After 3 weeks of rescheduling, we finally got together.

I was at the bar, drinking my beer when he walked in 5 minutes late.  He didn't recognize me at first and then sat down with his arms so tightly around his chest.  I thought it was going to be a long afternoon...or maybe I'd just finish that beer and leave.

Turns out the bar had an upstairs roof area, so we move up there and order a second drink and an appetizer (new foods for me.  smoked elk, pheasant, wild boar blueberry sausage with goat cheese, agave pecans, fruit and a few sourdough baguette pieces).   By his second drink he started to loosen up...and because I asked him if he really wanted to be there.  Conversation flowed.  Pictures were shown. I asked how old he was.  By drink three, he was asking me to get together again.

We left and when I got home, I had a nice text thanking me for getting together.

I'll go out again with him, I like him better than the first guy...but his age still concerns me, 50.  I didn't date the guy back home because he was 50...but I enjoyed his conversation and life experiences as well.

I hope at some point to meet a guy more in my age range...but until then, going out with these gentlemen has been good experiences for me because I am learning how to be better about small talk, smiling and listening.

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