Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I like 'em bigger

I am not thin, but I wouldn't say I am huge either.  Normal seems too broad.  But my size is something I am self conscience about because my boobs make me look much larger than I am.   Guys don't like large women...OK, so some do, but from feedback I've gotten in the last 10 years, many guys say they like small or fit women or maybe normal sized women.

Anyway, the point is, because I am not thin and tiny, I prefer men with a little bulk or bulge. I am more comfortable with a larger guy because I look smaller in comparison to him, whereas with a thin guy I look huge.  Example was MountainMan, he was tiny...his shirts didn't fit over my breasts.  I was able to lift him off the ground with ease.  If anything would have happened between us, I would have been more worried and stressed the whole time to not gain weight, which is hard at the beginning of any relationship when eating out or drinking is frequent...and he could eat.

And that is a lot of pressure, who wants pressure at the beginning of a relationship? That is the time to have fun and enjoy each other...so if that is what it takes for me...being attracted to and wanting a guy bigger than thin...well, so be it.

As you read this and shake your head in disapproval, I hope you realize that I am not the only woman that feel this way, there are lots of us out there with this mentality.

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