Friday, October 17, 2014

Weller Lake Trail

Weller Lake Trail (#1986) is between Independence Pass and Aspen on Highway 82.  The parking lot can fit about 10-15 or so cars and it was free...but there was no restroom.

There is a sign pointing you to the trail...but there was no information about it...I went into this hike blind - not sure how long or hard it would be.  This short hike at about .6 miles one way has a bit of switchbacks as it gains 300 feet.  Figure about 20 minutes or so to get to the top.  The dirt trail goes through pine and aspen trees and finishes at Weller Lake.  

The far end of the lake was this amazing green patch of grass that really stood out as did the boulders and tree parts where the trail drops you off.  I climbed over the rocks and trees to get closer to the lake for pictures.

The trail was quite popular, and I was lucky to get a parking spot.  I passed a few people on the trail in both directions - but many people seemed to hang around the aspens near the parking lot taking pictures...I figured they too were just driving around and saw the sign but were hesitant to hike a trail without information....and who doesn't want family pictures with the golden aspens?

No one was swimming in the lake, but I've read websites that people do if you are there on a nice day, bring lunch and hang out by the lake for a little bit.  

I was here on September overcast and slightly chilly day around 11 am.  The view was not as spectacular as many other hikes I've been on...but it was pretty enough for a short hike.

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