Thursday, October 2, 2014

still no routine

Now that the excitement of the first week passed and a few days of a visitor...I am left alone.  I signed up for some meetups and went to trivia at a bar, game night at a girls house and a few hiking activities.  Other than that, I've been a little confused if I am allowed to have fun when there is the work of finding a home and job.

I've also been out for meals with a lady I met right before I moved who was also moving here.  I think I am going to adopt her two kids as my pseudo nephews.  And a girl I knew from high school.  My mother and a few other people also gave me the names and numbers to people they know in the area, but I have yet to call to make that connection, that is so outside my realm of comfort...and that realm has been pushed a lot since I've been here.

A few days ago I decided to give up on the hunt for a place to live, and continue to stay with the lady I met through airbnb.  She is more flexible with knowing that if/when I find a job, I want to live close to the job.  We aren't in a lease so I can leave when something comes up.  Only bad thing about living here is that it is sorta far away from a lot...which has been tough on my wallet and gas tank the last 3 weeks...but if I am driving around less since I am staying more put, then hopefully it won't be so bad.

My days have not yet found a routine, which is hard.  Hours are usually spent researching jobs or writing a cover letter.  I try to go to the library, but that is restrictive if I get hungry, thirsty or need to use the restroom.  Today, as I type this, I am sitting outside on the patio, a nice change and I am loving the fresh air I would miss if I was at the library.  I am a homebody, so not leaving the house is usually fine with me...but since I am living with someone, I want to make sure she has her time too, that I am not always around.

I'd love to tour the state a little bit...but feel guilty to spend money I don't have.  But now is the time...I don't have a work commitment.  And truthfully, it would be a little research like too, since I'll know if I should apply for jobs in towns on the Western slope.

So that is it...the postings will probably slow down quite a bit...maybe even go back to real time.

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