Tuesday, October 21, 2014

fractured toe

It was Labor Day weekend.  I just got home from Colorado Springs and had about an hour before my fantasy football draft.  I needed to eat and do some last minute research.  I run up to my bedroom grab my laptop, mouse and notebook and head down stairs.

Two steps before the stair's bend, I fall.  Everything was in my right arm so I was able to grab the railing with my left and pulled hard on that to lessen the fall.  I bend my toes / feet because the bend wasn't too wide and I didn't want to smack my head on the wall.  It is amazing in those split seconds you can actually make some decisions.  When I landed I wanted to scream...but I realized no one was home...does screaming only happen when other people are around to rush over to you?  I start saying over and over "ouch, ouch, ouch"  Bent funny on the stairs, I realize my large toe on my right foot jammed into the backside of the stairs.

Slowly I get up. I sit on the stairs to access the damage.  Phew, my laptop is in one piece.  I feel fine, except for my toe.  I wobble down the stairs, put down the electronics and access the damage.  My toe isn't moving.

I make and eat some lunch, and decide to bring everything back up stairs to my room because I am more comfortable there.  I didn't really have much time for last minute football research, but I got online early and was ready to go.

The following day, I look at my toe since it was still hurting and barely able to move.  I start to wonder if I stubbed it or that it is fractured since it was quite swollen and black and blue.

I never broke a bone before.  At one time, on my bucket list I had break a bone...but removed it because who in their right mind would want an injury?  I also don't have insurance...not that there is anything they do for a toe anyway.

Thankfully in my bathroom box I realize I packed my ice pack.  I fill it up and continue to ice my toe for 4 days.  I play with my toe, manually moving it so it gets used to bending again.  Little by little the black & blue goes away as does the swelling.

right big toe still won't bend all the way
In the mean time, I called off my plans to travel to the Western Slope because there was no way I was going to hike just days after - my foot was in so much pain in a confined shoe - thankfully wearing flip flops in early September isn't a problem.  Also, I realized driving was extremely challenging.  I guess the way my foot is on the pedals isn't ideal, using the top part of my foot and not the center...so driving was painful.  Between the shoe and driving...I ended up staying 'home' and resting for a week.

Fast forward to mid-October, and I think I fractured my toe.  It isn't distorted in shape, but there are two points where if you push down, it still hurts.  Also, if I bend my toes, that one does not bend as much as all the others, so there is still limited movement.

The good news is that my toe fits in shoes and I've hiked quite a few times this month.  For the most part hiking was fine but sometimes it would hurt especially if the trail was more rocky/not level.

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