Wednesday, October 1, 2014

no tears

Day #31 of being here is the first day my eyes didn't tear and I didn't cry.  I know, that sounds insane coming from a mid-thirties woman...but sadly, the stress and emotions of doing this has been very difficult.   Not all the tears were from the move, one day it was from a book I read, many other days was thinking about ManFriend...but today, today shockingly there were no tears most likely because I was distracted at my friend's family's house.  Even in my private time before I sleep, sometimes tears come since I am super depressed.  Maybe I just cried them all out the day or weeks before.  But it is a stepping stone.  I hope once I find a job and get more 'settled' here, that the stress will start to fade and I can be happy.  Let's see if it continues.

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