Monday, October 13, 2014

minimum wage rejection

I went on a group interview for a retail part time seasonal help position figuring I needed to get out of the house....and make a little money.  The job was kinda far away, so I kept debating whether or not I should go...I didn't want minimum wage for something that I had to drive 30+ minutes for, but I liked the store.

This was my first group interview, and it was strange, we sat in a circle with two managers.  First, we went around in a circle to introduce ourselves, giving our backgrounds in education and job positions and why we applied to work at this company.  People were being very honest; a few people also just moved there, a few people were in college, a few people wanted the discount because they were redoing their house.  My turn came and I said something like "Hi, I am Denise, I have an undergraduate degree in ____ and a master's degree in ____.  I also just moved here and I thought I would work part time to get out of the house until I find a real job, woops, I meant a full time position....all jobs are real.  Anyway, I love this store and shopped here a lot; great products and I feel calm here"  We watched video clips and talked about what we learned, what surprised us, what we liked.  We didn't talk about our skills or how we would be a great fit like a 'regular' interview.

So I shouldn't have been so surprised that I was rejected for the position, even though I had full, flexible availability minus one weekend before peak season.

But it was depressing...a retail store doesn't even want me?

I didn't look at or apply for any other jobs the day I got the news...and was I so upset? Like I said, it was far away. I think it was just the whole rejection thing, doesn't matter where it comes from, rejection sucks.


  1. Hi Denise. Just wanted to tell you that I'm going through the same things you are going through. Relocating at 56 has been interesting. I hope this will be helpful: when you are applying for a job you are obviously overqualified for, you have to play down that stuff, otherwise the same thing will happen again. Unfortunately the only way a job you are overqualified for will care about your degrees, is a screen out tool figuring anyone would leave if they found something better. Also, I'd been planning to move to Colorado, and I've changed my mind, and I appreciate that so much, Denise. I moved back to my hometown and got the first job I applied for (where in my former state I went 6 weeks without even a callback from submitting resume) Keep on keeping on!

    1. Deb, thanks for the words of encouragement. It's been an interesting 2 1/2 months! Good luck to you too in your hometown!!!