Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals

This year my goals include:

  • learn/try to compost
  • read at least 10 non-fiction books
  • become a better friend....or make a friend
  • save more, lower debt
  • enjoy a more balanced life
  • send written notes (thank you's, birthdays, congratulations, etc)
  • be more tolerant of other people
and I'd really like to sell stuff I don't use/need...but that is a lot of work...and I am just not sure if I have it in me to do that this year.  Garage sales are great, but why should I sell a coach bag I used once for $5? I shouldn't.  People go to garage sales thinking they can get anything everything super cheap ($5-$10) sometimes the stuff is good stuff.

I'd also like to be more productive.  Not just with work, but my free time.  I feel like I waste a lot of time away, and I'd like to see that time being put to better use.

And without needing to list it above, selling my apartment this year would make me really happy.  I need this to happen, I hate living here.  But the apartment is listed with an agent, and the price is below market (and will probably be reduced again) and therefore sort of out of my control regarding selling.

Finally, I'd love to plan a trip...but I am not sure if I am going to have the money for the kind of trip I'd like to plan.  This year I will have some big this is not a priority.

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