Thursday, January 30, 2014

illuminating presence

I have a scale in my bedroom, been there for about 3 - 4 years. I use it regularly, you just step on it and it illuminates with your weight.  It has always worked perfectly.

Last night I got into bed about 9:40.  My eyes closed and in a few minuets I was on my way to sleep.  Then there was light, so bright it made my eyes open.  I keep my phone on silent, so I wondered if it was ringing, but that has never caught my eye before.

Then I realized it was the scale.

There was no reason for the scale to go on.  It never has before.  And it stayed illuminated for about a minute.

I said "ManFriend, is that you?" and then I proceeded to chat with him a little bit.  I know that sounds crazy, but of all times for it to go off, it happens to be when I am grieving?

I like to think he stopped by to say goodbye to me.

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