Monday, January 20, 2014

2013-14 Fantasy Football Winner

Back in August, I was asked if I wanted to join a fantasy football league. (click here)  Without hesitation, I said yes...I like a little friendly competition and it was with family, so it wasn't major stress or big money.   The only problem I had was that I knew virtually nothing about football.

I spent time researching players, teams, strategies for the draft and solicited help from Mountain Man when I barely knew him, offering some sort of incentive for his advice.

Fantasy football took up a bit of time. Sunday and Monday were spent watching football games.  Tuesday morning were emails to Mountain Man with recaps on how we did.  Tuesday morning through Thursday evening, I was thinking about who to play and who I might want to add/drop.  And Saturday evening was another email to Mountain Man for advice, mostly on defense, but about match-ups too.  Some weekend car rides, I would put on sports radio to listen to hear their advice and mid week I would try to keep up with player injuries.

Sure, I brainstormed with Mountain Man about my team, but the draft I picked on my own and I didn't always listen to his advice.  It was great to have someone I can ask questions to so I can manage the team better.  By mid-season, he went from calling the team my team to our team.

In the end, I won both the highest overall score with 1976 points (second highest points was 1625) and my team won our Superbowl.

For the most part, my main players were:
Quarterback - Drew Brees
Running Backs - Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Knowshon Moreno, Giovanni Bernard
Wide Receivers - Antonio Brown, Brandon Marshall,
Tight Ends - Julius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Cameron
Kicker - Steven Hauschka, Dan Bailey
Defense - Kansas City

The trophy will be passed around in the coming years to whoever wins the Superbowl along with bragging rights for a year.

It was  lot of fun, while I am looking forward to playing again next year, I did so well this year, that going into it knowing the odds again are slim.  And to be doing it 100% solo is a little nerve racking.

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