Wednesday, January 8, 2014

still not sure

I like to think I am a somewhat smart woman, but I can't read Mountain Man and that frustrates me.

I am sure you are like - just talk to him and find out...and sure we've been chatting for 5 months, but our last encounter was really like date number 4...and isn't that about the time you start to wonder if there is potential?  And isn't that too soon to ask what is going on.  Obliviously we find each other interesting because we chat regularly.

I guess my thought is that I think he makes a fantastic companion.  I love that he is outdoorsy, smart and so different than people I am used to.  I love that in my short visit we played trivia pursuit and completed a puzzle.  I loved that we snuggled on the couch to watch tv/movie and I love that we like the same kinds of foods and have very similar thoughts on those controversial topics.

However, we lack passion.  I know I blogged about passion two years ago; something I figured I needed.  I am sure it could be there...since our situation is different it could be not wanting to show it because we still don't know where/if anything it is going to is not an ideal situation.  It could be that he felt bad that I spent a lot of money to go out there that he doesn't know if he can reciprocate his feelings enough, a fear once mentioned.  Or it can be simply he isn't attracted to me in a physical way.

And unfortunately I am anxious.  I have spent 7 years waiting. Waiting to find a man to date, that could love me, treat me with respect and someone I could have a future with.  I don't know if he is that person or not.

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