Monday, January 6, 2014

a try at cross country skiing

Mountain Man is an outdoorsy kind of guy, one thing I am attracted to.  He took me cross country skiing - something I hadn't done before.  He helped dress me in warm clothing by supplementing items I did not pack/have, rented me skis, boots and poles, and then drove me up to the area where we'd spend a few hours.

He gave me a lesson on how to click my boots into place, how to move my legs, the purpose of the poles, and strategies for going up and down....because of course the land is not completely flat.

I was off to a good start.  My first obstacle was just 5 minutes in when we had to cross a small bridge that didn't have banisters...I barely knew how to move; I was fearful that the slight drop into the bridge would have me go into the river, but I made it over....and then I fell.

Mountain Man was so sweet and got down to the ground to show me how I was supposed to get up.

After I was comfortable enough to move, I told Mountain Man to go at his own pace and just wait for me every once in a while - I didn't want him to have a horrible time just because I was slow.

After a while, I became more comfortable with the activity and started to enjoy the dips in elevation....but not the inclines!  But I was still sort of tired and was unable to go at a faster pace.

The place we went was quiet and serene...just want I needed.  It was so peaceful and the fresh air felt so different in my lungs.

We skied for about 3.5 miles a good length for a first-timer.  I wasn't sore or in pain, but I did feel an ache on my right side.  I was also sweating like crazy, even with it being only 15 degrees.

In total I fell 5 times...always after a hard part, I guess when I relaxed.  The last fall was feet from the parking lot - and hurt the most.

After we got back to his place, he taught me how to make a fire, then we ate some cheese cake, opened a bottle of champagne, ordered pizza for delivery and had another bottle of champagne.

It was a great day.

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