Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Predictions from September. Moona.

I realized I never told you about my psychic reading from September.  I went to see Moona in Rye (I had a Groupon, but she also has a few specials on her website).  I am not going to chat about the whole reading...just the parts that have passed.

She said in December I would have an inside personal change.  My outlook will change for the better.  Like an epiphany.  Some sort of situation needs to change.
      --> I think this is some of the issues I've been dancing around and not telling you all about.  I can't say I have had clarity in that area, and it wasn't as if December was the first time I was thinking about it.  This could go a few ways.  A little too vague for all my 'issues' right now.

January 13/14 she said to be careful of loss or something being stolen in or around my home.  Connection to the home.  I would not be in any physical harm or danger.  It will be gone for good, will not recover it.
     -->  Since my apartment is for sale, I kept wondering if this would result from that.  But no, I think she was referring to the death of ManFriend.  He died on the 12th and he is connected to my apartment because he lived here for a year and a half.

In love, she said I felt like a hanged man.  Not sure what direction to take, and not to make any decisions, but just let it happen naturally.
     --> YES, I keep writing things along those lines.

She stated I was at a plateau in my life.  time lapses and I am in the same position.  With that I am more hesitant to make decisions than in the past.  That I am searching for something, but I am not sure what it is.
     --> YES, that is exactly what I've been blogging about for years!

I've lost my mojo.  Lost the ability to create balance.  I need to fix it now because obstacles will get stronger.
     -->  Yes, hence the depression and confusion.

I have a lot of bad, old energy surrounding me.  mental frustrations unusually fed up and disgusted with everyone.
     --> really? I hoped that went away. I guess I will always carry around some of that bad energy :(

And my money will fluctuate quite a bit for another year, then it should level off.
     --> I am not surprised. Money stresses me out.  I am hoping to get more financially secure.

Overall, I was happy with the reading.  I felt like the way she described me was practically dead-on...and the best part was that she told me as soon as I sat down that I wasn't allowed to interrupt her. Which means she wasn't asking me questions or looking for 'clues'.

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