Sunday, September 15, 2013

what other places have to offer

I've lived in almost the same area for a majority of my life.  I am curious what other places have to offer.  So, if you found this page, please add a comment below (it can be anonymous).  I want to know what are great things about where you live and the not so great things about where you live.

For instance:
Westchester County, NY - pros:  near the water/beaches, near NYC, great schools, 4 seasons, a lot close by, great commuter train line, plethora of entertainment (shows, music, festivals, museums)
cons: congested, high taxes, expensive, very competitive job market, not the friendliest group of people

Of course someone's pro might be another person's con (like a very snowy winter) but I like to hear about different perspectives.  Other commenters - just leave your perspective, don't bash someone else's.  Thanks.

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  1. melbourne, australia (i'm an american expat):
    pros: great weather, safe, clean, good coffee, good public transport, places like hong kong are accessible for a short holiday, friendly, great food

    cons: no white christmas, expensive, far away from friends and family, beaches aren't very nice, weird creepy crawlies, and what's with the fles in the summer!?