Friday, September 27, 2013


Some people wonder why our society is the way it is, with children and adults having this crazy sense of entitlement. 

It is reasons like this car sticker - princess on board - that, for me answers part of this question. 

Parents who pamper their children raise children who think everything should be handed to them.  They seem to not take any accountability for their actions and complain about everything - but are not willing to step up when needed.

OK, so I don't have children - but I did work in a school for 4 years or so. I have also been a part of society and have seen first hand the insanity people think they can get away with...and for the most part, they do because others aren't willing to argue because they don't want to deal with crazy people's repercussions.

There are times I do speak up because it annoys the hell out of me that people leave their garbage on the train, that they think it is OK to talk on their phone and carry on a full, loud conversation when in a public place, tickle their child on a commuter train who squeals really loud for 40 minutes, think they should pass a test because they only failed by one point, or double park causing massive traffic buildup instead of parking in a parking spot.  Why do you think you can do this, but I can't?  Why do you honk and flip the bird when other people do the same thing you do?

Going back to the sticker, a princess is royalty, and maybe in your household, your daughter does rule the home...because you allowed it.  When the child dictates schedules or menus there is a problem. When parents constantly give in to their child because it is easier, it is a problem.  That teaches the child that they can have whatever they want - and later in life, they will not understand why this can't be.

We aren't teaching children how to be a graceful losers, understand consequences of their actions, or about not being a bully, and in turn, we see these sad stories about kids throwing shopping carts over an overpass, killing their classmates, gang rape, teen pregnancy and drug addiction.

Many parents are busy working jobs to support their families, teachers are no longer allowed to discipline - so some kids are cruising around knowing they can probably get into shenanigans.  Helping the community kids is so important, we all need to find ways to be a better example.

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  1. Or, you know, a little girl might just like pretty princess stuff.