Thursday, September 12, 2013

12 hour day

I had a taste of working 10 hours + 2 hours commuting.  Yup, I left the house at 6:15 am and got home right before 8:15 pm.  What a long day.

I left 40 minutes early so I can talk with a neighbor about some building stuff, but when I got to work, I started working.

Unfortunately today was one of those days that I block off to work late...but I wasn't actually expecting to work so late because there really isn't need to do if people did their jobs.  Unfortunately, I was waiting for one thing to come in so I can do my job that needed to be done today.  At 6:30 I find out that I might not get the I decide to do what I have to do without it and send it out.

I feel like I am not doing my job well because of it, but yet, I have no control.  I hope people don't associate the incompleteness with my efforts.  So I leave work at just about 7 pm and catch the train home.  And then the email comes through with the information I spent all day waiting for.

So I stayed the extra 2-3 hours for nothing, which is even more frustrating.  On top of that, I hoped to go to the grocery store because I don't have food for lunch the rest of the week, and I'll now be resorting to buying  lunch near work and spending that money which makes me cringe.

Anyway, point is, I give all of you who work this much credit because I did not enjoy such a long day.

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