Friday, September 6, 2013

factory reset

My obsession with fantasy football was leading towards me absolutely needing the app on my phone so I can track my progress no matter where I am.  I decided to download it, and the next day, my phone kept complaining that it was low on storage.  I can't figure out WHY that is...first, I have such few apps because I don't play games or anything like that.  Second, the ones I've downloaded are mostly going to the SD card.  The SD card is only like 10% full but yet the phone only has a few MB left?

So, I started going through managing my apps and deleting a few including things I didn't know.  But a little while later I found out that the chat app I had wasn't working. I must have deleted something that app needed.  This was no good, I use that app all the time.  I didn't know what to do.  So, I decided to factory reset my phone.  This would solve the chat application and the phone storage space problem.

It was an easy process, and I kept all the information on the SD card (I backed up pictures, music and documents just in case).  Unfortunately I totally forgot about the text messages.  I had a few messages locked - I had a bunch from ManFriend about his desires for me, from Mountain Man with what I thought was a little flirting, from Cop#1 with his desires, and friends who sent important information.  I had information in my colornote with websites to look at, my to do list, my never list, wines I liked, etc....all that was erased.

OK, so it is great that I don't have ManFriend's texts anymore - I deleted him as a contact back in June, so this was actually a good thing (now to clean my emails of ManFriend & SIs emails!)...but some of that other stuff I should have thought a little bit more about.  Also, my email function is slightly different - I used to be able to check off a bunch of emails and delete all at once, now it wants me to do it individually - it might be a setting thing, but I haven't figured it out yet.

But, I was able to download the fantasy football I am happy, for now.

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