Monday, September 2, 2013

Gratitude List for August

My friend told me about a challenge she completed, and I thought it sounded like something I should do...think about a different thing I am grateful for each day.  I decided I wanted to make my list something relevant for that day...not just in general, so everything you read below is based on that particular day's experiences and thoughts.

In August 2013, I was grateful...

1. That I can pack for 8 days in a carry-on
2. That I can travel alone and be comfortable doing so
3. For fresh air and learning how to relax
4. For my health, allowing me to spend time in ways I enjoy
5. To having great friends, even though I don’t see them often
6. Having time, a little money, and the desire to travel
7. Experiencing new things, some of which I enjoy and others that I don’t
8. That I still do some things alone, and making use of time instead of pouting (although this isn’t
an all the time thing)
9. To have met a fantastic guy that gives me hope that I may not end up alone if there are still
people like him out there
10. For sex in the morning to start the day off right
11. For beautiful weather that makes me feel alive
12. To be blessed with having some amazing family friends
13. To have alone time
14. To be blessed with amazing sisters and a more amazing mother
15. That my boss appreciates me and/or my work
16. That my reading comprehension and spelling have improved
17. That I am fitting into some clothes that I haven’t worn in a while
18. That I am being financially more responsible and resisting urges to spend even more money
19.  A good night's sleep
20.  Commuting by train instead of a long commute by car
21.  For the ability to watch TV on demand when you want it
22.  That I don't live in an area that rains a lot
23.  For email and text messages that allow you to converse and learn about people so far away
24.  To have connections in the towing/car fix area
25.  For dustpans, so I don't have to touch a dead bug
26.  For wax...amazing how a little wax on your eyebrows can clean them and transform your whole face
27.  For I don't have to cook when I am tired and/or so hot
28.  For not commuting an hour by car each way, every workday
29.  For not bitten nails, so I can scratch my body and my scalp.  Feels so good.
30.  For a three day weekend so I can recharge
31.  For living near a body of water so I can kayak, swim, boat, fish, lounge, view and otherwise enjoy the water.

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