Thursday, June 3, 2010

solace in solitare

Hi, my name is Denise, and I am an addict. A spider solitaire addict that is. First let's talk about why this is so wrong for me. I HATE SPIDERS or all bugs for that matter.

My work computer (something older) and my home computer (windows 7) surprisingly have different versions of spider solitaire. At work I can not change my deck - I am stuck looking at cards with spiders on them :( and I can't undo more than what cards were dealt in a round. So playing from home is more ideal since I can undo the whole deck and essentially start each game from the beginning and it count only as one game - but honestly...I play a lot more at work.

I do not play for the best score, but just to win. I keep saying the score will matter more to me when I get better...but so far it hasn't. I usually play on medium, I've only played on hard two or three times - but did win my first game at that.

So, going back - I am an addict. In the summer it is so much worse. Work is slow so I sit at my desk and I play a game or two before I start my 'real' work. I usually close out when I win. But then at lunch I'll open it up again and start over. And throughout the day I open it when I am stressed or when I need a break, etc. Today I've played about 5 or 6 games. I won one earlier today - but reopened again to win another two. It is still I may have to play a little later too.

If you haven't tried this game yet you should. It really gets you thinking. The cards are laid out in rows of 10. Simply put cards in numerical order from King to Ace. You can put the cards on any color - but be aware that to finish a sequence, the cards must be in the same suit. Medium uses two suits and hard uses all four & easy is just one (not much of a challenge). If you get stuck you can hit Ctrl M and it will show you possible moves. Ctrl Z is undo (but these are also on the drop down menu).
Seeing the fireworks when you win is always such a happy thing :) Good luck.

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