Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Time

Today’s blog post is inspired by the Life House song title, however while the post itself isn’t about me falling in love for what feels like the first time (hopefully that will come within the next 9 years, 2 months and 8 days), I thought it might be fun to write about my life first times - as they have helped mold me into who I am today.

First Kiss – I think I was 16. I was hanging out with this ‘bad boy’ who wore a leather trench coat. His name was George and I believe he was 2 years older than me. He kissed me outside of the school. He reeked of smoke and his tongue just went around in circles over and over again. It was actually quite gross. We never really went ‘out’ or on a date; I moved on and became a kissing whore.

First Surgery – I was 5 years old and had to have my tonsils out. I really don’t remember too much of this. I had a stuffed Snoopy; he went into the operating room with me. Of course I was a little scared. I remember I asked them if I could keep my underwear on, they said yes. Snoopy got a paper mask to put on his face, and I was gassed to sleep. Needless to say my throat was sore/hurt for a while, so I was able to eat lots of ice pops.

First Job – I won’t consider babysitting a job since it was off the books. My first job was a video store clerk. I posted about this here. I loved this job. Too bad videos/DVD stores are almost obsolete due to Netflix, OnDemand, etc. Great job for high school students.

First Concert – My first concert was when I visited my older sister in college probably around 1994 – that would have made me 14 or 15. It was a band I never heard of at the time Live. Sure they started popping up more afterwards and I enjoyed their music throughout high school.

First Real Purchase as an Adult – I think this was a loveseat pullout couch. I ended up living in the basement of my grandmother’s house for 4 years. I inherited a bed from my sister’s father-in-law (it was brand new) and needed a couch for my small space. I went to JC Penny with my mom and bought this adorable purple pull out loveseat (twin size) and paid for it myself – it was probably around $800. I loved that couch. My little sister has it now, it is practically brand new since I ended up using that space for a desk and the couch sat in storage for 4 years!

First Car – My parents bought me a cute white car when I was 16 or 17 so I was able to babysit, and get to work at the video store. Both of my parents were commuters. They moved us, when I was ten, an hour north where there was more land and you got more house for your money. It was a wonderful place to grow up - but my parents had to leave early in the AM to get to work, and got home way after we were home from school. It was helpful I had a car to drive me and my little sister to school and other things since they couldn't do it. I want to say it was a ___. This car lasted about a month and it just died. So my next car was a faded shade of red Pontiac Grand Am.

First Date – Hmm, I am trying to think about this one still. Hopefully I'll remember and get back to you...but that probably isn't likely.

First HouseHmm, I am not sure if this is the first house I grew up in or the first house I lived in with a boy. I'll go with the latter since it is more 'exciting'. SI decided instead of getting married, we'd buy a house. We spent lots of weekends house hunting and loved so many we saw but were constantly being out-bid. We finally ended up with this one, one that I found from the listings the realtor sent over and thought it was better than most other ones in the neighborhood. While my name was not on the house (NJ law does state however, that once you marry, it is 1/2 yours anyway) I did help. While we had been living together in my tiny basement apartment for the past 3 years, it wasn't ours, it was mine. This was great since it was brand new to both of us, and we were able to make it a home. Unfortunately, I only lived here for almost 10 months.

First MY Own Place - About two years after the above, I decided I needed to do something more permanent, clearly working things out with SI was going too slow and all those promises never became actualities. I couldn't live with my parents forever. I needed to decide what to do. Rashly one day I decided to buy an apartment (April 2008). I am not a firm believer in renting - so I looked at about 15 places and decided on an apt in this building. While I loved it at first site, there was another one that was calling my name but the parking was horrible. This place gave me a parking spot, was within walking distance to 2 of my sister's, walking distance to the train, had attic storage seemed like a no-brainer. Issues in the apt soon became apparent, but when I walk in, I still LOVE it. It is small but it is MINE. I got to pick out all the furnishings by myself. I got to pick the wall color and the placement of the couch/TV. I was able to pick what silverware I liked. I splurged and bought a king sized bed that I get to myself. It is mine. My first place.

First Crush - I was in Kindergarten. What did I know then? I ran around the playground chasing this kid Johnny asking him to kiss me. Glad that didn't work out, as an adult he is SO not my type!

First Time Away From Home – Not counting sleep-overs, the first time I was away from home was when I went to college, September 1997. I went to Monmouth University and shared a HUGE room with two other girls. The room was originally the floor lounge, but was converted to a room when the enrollment grew - I was so lucky and didn't even realize it. (the building pictured is the same building Annie was filmed in!) I was so homesick. I didn’t think I would be as bad as I was but it was a huge adjustment. I transferred out after 1 ½ years – not because I was homesick, no, that was cured by the end of the year, but because I changed my major and the school didn’t have it there. So I moved in with my sister, her husband & their newborn baby for a while and commuted into NYC from there.

First 'I Love You" - My first I Love You was with SI. We went to this restaurant called sweetwater, and he told me over dinner. I was so excited, I really liked his guy and I was glad he said it. It was probably 4 months into our relationship (but mind you it was an accelerated 4 months, after a month he was living with me M - F). I wasn't ready that night to say it back, I knew I felt it, but I couldn't say it. A few days later I kept rehearsing it. I felt it, I did, but the words couldn't come out when I tried. I had these word magnets, and I wrote it out, called him over and showed him and tried so hard to say it...and I did :) SI was also the first person to make me realize how completely in love you could be with someone. It wasn't just an I love you - he was also much more.

My First Time doing "It" - In high school I liked this kid Kevin, we saw each other on occasion and made out a lot. I was too prude to do anything substantial. We went off to college but kept in touch. One day I convinced my roommate to go to his school with me for a visit. We got so incredibly drunk and I did "IT" on the floor with Kevin while my roommate and his brother where sleeping in the bed in the same room. I was so uncomfortable. I had him keep stopping because it didn't feel right or I thought I had to poop. After that, we barely spoke again for a long time, but managed to keep in touch until I met SI. I didn't do "IT" again for quite some time. I've tried to find him recently, but it hasn't gotten me anywhere.

My First Heartbreak
- As much as it hurt that Kevin & I didn't make it, my breakup with cop#1 was my first real devastation. I cried so much. Everything I saw reminded me of him. It was the worst feeling ever. Things were going so well, and I was truly shocked that he called me on his way back home (after spending the night at my place) and broke up with me. Claimed we were in different places. After a few months we were reunited and our relationship, while not 'official' lasted another 2 years and more...all while he found a new girlfriend whom he moved in with, and eventually married & had children with. Believe it or not, we still keep in touch and I still think he is 'hot'. Having had my relationship with SI, I can tell you that Cop#1 was a much more physical relationship...the kind that you can barely keep your hands off of. The kind of hot & steamy sex you see in the movies.

First Time on an Airplane - Growing up, our family vacations were ones we could drive to, since there were 6 of us, it cost too much to fly. The first time I went on an airplane I went to San Diego California. My sister's job sent her there for a meeting so I flew by myself (she left a day before) and found the hotel all by myself, a huge accomplishment for me at the time - since I was only around 18. I was skinny back then, I remember thinking my butt lifted off the seat a little during take off. It was the strangest feeling, but I loved it.

First Time Public Speaking - Aside from school presentations and me being a loud-mouth at family functions, and being a tour guide at Monmouth, my first time speaking in public was in 2007. My company went on a lunch cruise around Manhattan celebrating our 25 year anniversary. The cruise needed someone to give a welcome speech, and I was elected. I had microphone in hand and spoke to the 150 so people on the boat. At the end of this month, I will be giving my first professional presentation.

First Time Out of the Country - Believe it or not, the first time I left the country was in 2003 when I went to China with my class from my MBA. I was so excited about getting my first passport and I dreamt about all the stamps that would be in there. My class went to Beijing and Hong Kong, and a group of us went to Macau for a few hours. It was truly and incredible experience and I would love to go back.

First Death of Someone Close - I was too young to remember my grandfather's passing. I went to wakes of my great aunts and uncles but it didn't bother me then. When my grandmother died, I was overwhelmed with heartache. Before her passing she fell and broke her hips and needed someone with her at all times. I went over a a few times a week to help her (mostly overnights) and then she eventually went into assisted living. I don't remember why she went back into the hospital, but it was for something routine. But she ended up dying of a blood clot in her leg. I remember being shocked and wretched with guilt because I did not go to the hospital the day before to visit. I was too wound up in my own life.

This was a great exercise in remembering. I challenge all of you to do the same! If I left out a major 'first' tell me and I'll be sure to add it!

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