Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost too humid to eat

I don't trust the weathermen and I gave up listening/watching the weather some years ago. These days I always carry a small umbrella in my bag just in case and never really know how to dress before I leave for work in the morning.

Our weathermen has said severe thunderstorms starting this past Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and yesterday. It hasn't rained once. The only liquid dropping is all the sweat falling from our bodies.

The humidity is so bad. After a while, it is hard to want to do anything, including eat. But this morning I decided on a perfect that my mother let us have for dinner when we were kids. Waffles with ice cream. YUM.

Today the meteorologist is predicting not only severe thunderstorms again, but also hail and perhaps a tornado - depending on how sunny it is. I can't wait for the rain.

Do meteorologists actually learn to predict the weather in school - or do they just learn the proper terminology? Maybe I should look into this profession because clearly, being right has no bearing on keeping your job - how perfect is that?

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