Monday, June 14, 2010

Settling In

I have owned my apartment for 2 years and almost two months, and I had only hung 5 things on my wall. Two I put above my front door, purchases from my first time in New Mexico before I had my own place, a letter holder, a mosaic mirror I made and this other iron design thing. I like my apartment, but I was too scared to put anything on the walls - seemed permanent (a bad way of thinking learned from the ex, I was not like that many moons ago). I also told myself I'd only live here for 2 years - but since that didn't happen, I decided to buy frames to hand on my 'main' wall in the living room. I spent so much time trying to decide what frames I liked, but since I ordered a few digital images that my cousin took. Check out his website, there are some fantastic pictures you can purhase. At the time, the sizes were not standard for common picture frames (8x12 not 8x10 -- good news is, they NOW offer them in the standard sizes), so instead of custom framing - which I do not have money for, I decided on a floating frame. I loved these frames because they were simple and the picture just floats inside so no matting is required. I liked the pictures so much but decided I didn't order
enough, so I ordered more. Of course my pictures weren't the same quality of my cousin's and fit in the frames exact (no floating) but they looked nice. Deciding where to put the frames on the wall was a challenge I couldn't do it on my own. I invited my mom & sister over to help me. After 90 minutes we got them all on the wall - and I will need to order/buy one more. I like having the pictures on the wall - seems homier.


  1. I see one from Arches National park!!! LIKE!!

  2. I love the way you hung the pictures. Your living room looks great! The paint color looks exactly like my bedroom color (behr nutty beige). Great job!!!