Tuesday, June 1, 2010

credit check

I checked my credit recently. I wasn't worried about someone stealing my identity, but since you get one free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies, I figured why not? Last time I got it done was a little over two years ago when I bought my apartment.


I was very happy to see that my credit is good, but sad that I owe so much money. At least 82% of it is the mortgage, which is 'good'. But I would like to see these balances get smaller and smaller, but that will be in like 20 years. Until then, I'll have to reduce donating to the homeless on the street and try to explain that I am way more broke then they are.


  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog and answering my survey.

    I'm now a follower of yours too!

    Btw I tried doing a the free credit report but it didn't work for me... :S

  2. Really? you are in NY too...it should work. I've used it twice. You only need to $ if you want the credit score (I didn't get that, just the credit report which is free)